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This page is a translated version of the page TimberTime Användarmanual and the translation is 100% complete.

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User manual

For technical support please contact us on +46 910 120 90 or by email support@timbertime.se.
The support is avaliable between 08 and 17 CET on weekdays

Register new user

Open http://www.timbertime.se in your browser and click on the link "Registrera ny användare"


Fields that are required are marked with "*". Complete the registration by clicking on "Registrera"

After registration an email will be sent to specific email address with instruction for how to active the user.


Open http://www.timbertime.se in your browser

Enter Användarnamn and Lösenord used during the registration.

After first login, the user have to select what locations that are going to be used.

Select locations


Press the button "Lägg till" in order to mark the location as useable for your user.

The selected locations can be reordered by pressing the "up-down-arrow"-buttons.

Complete the selection by pressing "Spara"

Mobile app

User manual for the mobile app

It is also avaliable as an application for your smartphone. It works both on Android and iOS.

Click the link for more information regarding the smartphone application.

Book/Notify time


Click on a location to get to the page with times. The time that are avaliable will be shown as clickable buttons. Time you have used is shown with green or yellow background. To book/notify a time simple press that time.


Some locations require extra information about what assortment you will be arriving with. If that is the case an extra dialog will be shown and select your assortment from there.

Cancel time


Use the page Mina aviseringar to cancel times.


This page shows the current times that you have book/notified. If you want to cancel one simply click on Ångra


The following dialog will be shown to confirm that you really wanted to cancel the time.
If you select Avboka the time will be released to someone else. It is also possible to cancel a time using the time page and clicking on the time you already have used.


Use settings to add more information about your user.
Namn - Your fullname
Mobilnummer - Your cellphone number
Registreringsnummer - License number for the truck
SDC (Skogens Datacentral) transportörsnummer - SDC transportationnumber
Transportorganisation - Transportorganisation
Skogsorganisation - Rawmaterial organisation
Boka med önskad tid - By selecting this all times are made bookable. If you select a time that isn't bookable the system will automatic select the closest time that can be booked.
Vill ha SMS - If you want to receive SMS with information from the locations you have selected.

Tips & Tricks

  • Only book time that you intend to use!
  • Book times as soon as you know when you are expected to arrive on site.
  • Periodbokningar should only be used for "gruppkörningar".
  • "Can I book 07:00 all days next week?" Yes, if you intend to use those times then book them.
  • Cancel the booking if you know you are not going to need it.