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This page is a translated version of the page GanttScheduler Ändringshistorik and the translation is 100% complete.

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V3.0.45 2015-12-08

  • Inactive delay causes and machines will not appear in the program.
  • You can view messages as tooltip. Setting is required.
    • In the File / Preferences.
    • For each ganttview showing messages.
    • During sequential manner Show hint about to "true".
    • During info text and check "Show hint".
  • Work order, the previous activity is shown when it ends exactly at the same time as the next start.
  • Resources can be set up so that they do not show location messages that neither has activity type nor resource group.
    • The setting is in the Tools / Manage / Manage activity types and resources.
    • The setting is located on each resource and is called "View generic place messages".
  • Comment requirement for extra activities is configurable. This setting is found under Tools / Preferences and is called "Comments must be reported for extra activities."
  • Rep orted activities shown at the exact recorded time, regardless of schedule.
    • Moving activities and the push feature use schedule.
    • If you want an activity outside the schedule, you can hold down Alt while moving it.
    • Press and hold down shift if you want to move, rather than extend it when the activity is small.
    • The requirement to hold down alt when you extend an activity is removed.
  • You can change the shift schedule on several activities at a time.
  • You can mark messages as important. Messages will then be printed on all work orders whether they belong to the place or not.
  • Paste fill and waste rock fill is available in stope properties.
  • Tons including waste dilution is used in stope properties.
  • Dynamic capacity can be used in length formulas.
  • When reporting loading a check box "Full" is available, if you check it then the capacity of the re-muck bay is adjusted to its content.
    • The activities function under Tools / Options in the check box "Report destination is filled".

V3.0.44 2015-11-19

  • Fixed push issue
  • Corrected so that inactive delay causes does not appear.
  • Corrected work order, previous activity wasn’t shown if it finished exactly at the same time as the new activity started.
  • Change shift schedule on several tasks at a time

V3.0.43 2015-10-19

  • Stope functionality
    • Right click and select stope properties.
    • Workload for cable bolt, drilling, loading, mucking and grout is available.
    • Planned values for a period can be input.
    • Activity length can be adjusted to remaining workload. Formulas for this is configured under manage length formulas.
    • Length formula i.e. ([BLASTDRILLMETERS]-[SUM(Långhålsborrning.Antal meter)])/200
  • Choose destinations for a heading.
    • Destinations can be shown in a heading tab.
  • Auto scheduling
    • Links are exported to file Links.csv.
    • New field for effective length.
    • Use in optimization can be checked for each heading.
  • Optimizations
    • Database writes are handled in on operation per activity instead of many.
    • Count of overlaps improved.
  • Field formulas can be set for any field. Available under manage length formulas.
    • I.e. to define a default value.


  • Deswik
    • Solved issue import activities when adding heading to plan.
  • Filter field on tab only initialized once.
  • Application utilization can be logged to file.
    • Event Tab. Log to file. A folder called Log is created in the same folder as the executable.

V3.0.42 2015-09-09 (Tara)

  • Setting for recorded values whether or not is should be summed.

V3.0.41 2015-08-19 (Tara)

  • Solved issue so all activities are read on headings without rounds.

V3.0.40 2015-05-28

  • Section can be assigned to a crew in the application. The sections that has at least one crew with a schedule will appear on the shiftreport on GSWeb.
  • Updated ABB auto scheduler to latest version.

V3.0.39 2015-05-20

  • Solved bug in manage activity cycles. Bug caused the application to remove activity cycles instead of saving the changes.

V3.0.38 2015-05-11

  • Heading can be grouped in order to prevent concurrent activities. Activity time on one heading will be colored red on the other headings within the same group. (oracle version)
  • Updated ABB auto scheduler to latest version.
  • Solved update of balance on remuck stations for trucking activities in Tara.

V3.0.37 2015-05-07

  • Equipment can be member in multiple resource groups.

V3.0.36 2015-04-27

  • Corrected one more issue when updating balance in remuck locations when reporting loading/cleanup.
  • Solved issue with saving personnel when removing all personnel from an activity.

V3.0.35 2015-04-14

  • Planned values can be printed on work order.
    • Open manage activity types and resources / Select activity type / Information text.
    • Create new row, right click on the empty row and choose activity, report value and planned.

V3.0.34 2015-03-30

  • ABB Optimization
    • New resource properties, Priority, Autoscheduled
    • Importing file older than 5 minutes give warning.
  • Settings for Resources remade.
  • Personnel can be assigned to activities. Maximum of 3 workers per task.
    • You define the shift crew under tools/manage/personnel.
    • Assigning personnel appear on the context menu on activity.
    • Personnel is shown in the Activity toolbar. Configuration is required.
    • Personnel is shown in report form. Configuration is required.
  • Work order can be printed for personnel.
  • Corrected error when updating balance in remuck locations when reporting loading/cleanup.
  • The state of show messages are stored so that you do not need to turn it on/off at startup.
  • The system that created the task is saved.
    • GanttScheduler, MineInsight, autoplanering, ABB, ABB hoist Minemap and Deswik.
  • Fixed undo. Reported times was changed if you undid the remove heading from plan.
  • Activity types can be inactivated.
  • When reporting ongoing activities, the remaining length set to (length of activity before break minus reported length) instead of the standard length.
  • Import round to stope in stope properties (Tara)
    • Matching level requirement removed.
    • Level is shown in the grid instead.

V3.0.33 2015-03-10

  • Changed icon and added hourglass on export to MineInsight button.

V3.0.32 2015-03-06

  • Edit condition for assignment of automatic blast cycle corrected.
  • Remove activity from blast cycle definition corrected.

V3.0.32 2015-03-05

  • Work order page format reverted to A4 landscape.
  • Export to MineInsight button under tools.
    • Activate the feature under Tools / Settings / Mine Insight.
  • Settings form uses tab control.

V3.0.31 2015-02-25

  • ABB optimization, solved reload activities error which happened during apply result.

V3.0.30 2015-02-20

  • Solved issue with opening report form after change of report settings.

V3.0.29 2015-02-16

  • ABB optimize plan corrections.
    • Close application disabled while optimize is running
    • Warnings from optimize handled.
    • Invalid machines and activities gives warnings.
  • Merge activity feature created.
  • Report value kind can be set in manage/report values.
  • Only changed fields will be updated in the database.
  • Activity end time will remain the same after report of ongoing activity.
  • Error message will be displayed if database connection fails at startup.
  • Shift schedule name can now contain any characters.
  • Application will default to primary screen if the previous position is outside of desktop.

V3.0.28 2015-02-06

  • Solved push of activities that is placed within wait time.
  • Create rounds on stopes from blast tonnes table.
  • Shift boss field will be cleared on the new activity when reporting ongoing activities.

V3.0.27 2015-01-16

  • Activities and resources will not be deselected on canceled drag n drop.

V3.0.26 2015-01-02

  • Arrowhead is always shown on links.
  • Solved issue with reporting next activity for equipment.
  • Solved issue with save filter.
  • Solved issue with crash during startup caused by link.

V3.0.25 2014-12-11 (Tara)

  • Push on destinations and backfill tab fixed.
  • Read of columns from daily geology heading status.
    • DGR_Ore_Wst, DGR_Grade, DGR_Rock_Type, DGR_Update_Date is now available

V3.0.24 2014-12-10

  • Solved issue with blast properties form not displaying controls.

V3.0.23 2014-12-09 (Tara)

  • Solved sum ton in activity report form
  • Default section set automatically during creation in development, stopes and backfill.
  • All active destination will now be show after start/reload.
  • Solved issue with editing delay causes.
  • Translations Swedish to English made
  • Manage capacities will now be back in the menu Tools/Manage.
  • Stope properties that is set while creating stope will be stored correctly.
  • Backfill context menu will now show the correct items.
  • Issue with set activity cycle on backfill fixed.

V3.0.22 2014-12-03

  • Solved issue with compare plan during startup.

V3.0.21 2014-12-01

  • Manage activity types and resources. Properties rewritten on activity types and activity cycles.
  • Equipment popup menu on activities rewritten to make it faster.
  • Resolved create link so it doesn’t crash.
  • Links can be created between activities and rounds. Settings need to be changed after install.
  • Activities can be set up to ignore wait time. I.e. after shotcrete.
  • Solved issue with toolbar so that it will show up after start.
  • Activity times will be shown on work order when you check “Show activity times in workorder” With the option unchecked and it will show shift names instead.
  • Messages can be set to an activity type or resource group.
  • You can change an activity length without zooming.

Previously Alt + Left mouse button did not work. This is resolved.

  • Translations made.

V3.0.20 2014-10-30

  • At report of mucking previous used destinations will be shown on top of the other destinations. Configuration needed after install. Swedish version only.
  • Clicking Apply and then OK while reporting ongoing activities will now only create one extra activity.
  • Destination properties issue solved.
  • Filter of Gantt views changed. Right click on the tab and select Show filter. Enter the filter text string for quick filtering. Use semicolon to separate multiple filter strings.
  • Improved speed of gantt views generation/filtering.
  • Resolved issue that caused views to generate twice at startup.
  • Resolved issue that made application local settings to not load at startup.
  • F5 for reload of plan restored.

V3.0.19 2014-10-20 Swe/Tara

  • Current location for equipment can be shown under the equipment tab.

Configuration of location expression needed.

  • Activity toolbar is now scrollable with the mouse wheel when needed.
  • Publish plan is changed so it is now possible to publish plans with full week start and finish. This is default for monthly plans. (Swe).
  • It is possible to split an activity by right clicking on the activity and select “Split activity”. (Swe)

Usable when i.e. extra cleaning is needed. Drill meters, tonnage and volume is divided percentually if it is set.

  • Solved an issue for manually created rounds. Improves sync between Minemap and Gantt.
  • Ground support class is shown for headings. (Tara)
  • Selected sections will be remembered in select plan form. (Tara)
  • Parking place field is increased in work order.

V3.0.18 2014-10-02 Swe/Tara

  • Solved selection issue that made the move activity hint not disappear after an activity move. After the activity move hint got stuck, GanttScheduler stopped receive reload messages from the message handler application.

V3.0.17 2014-09-16 Swe

  • ABB optimization of plan.

New features:

    • Definition of crew.
    • Definition of crew schedule.
    • Definition of crew competence.
    • Definition of personnel absence and personnel change in crews.
    • Run optimization.
    • Accept proposed optimization result.
    • Delete proposed optimization result.
    • Undo optimization.
  • Reminder of save shift plan for bottleneck report available in bottleneck settings

V3.0.16 2014-09-03 Tara

  • In order to read all headings at start/refresh the sections list is populated from the sections logged into MIST during last 2 weeks instead of only the current shift.

V3.0.15 2014-08-25 Tara

  • Sections instead of crews.
  • Removed default shift crews shown for each shift boss
  • Changed Current Unix X to the actual shift boss crew recorded in MIST.
  • During plan select you can select which shift to get attendance from.
    • Default is the last recorded shift in MIST

V3.0.14 2014-08-21 Swe

  • Fixed calculation of ton in blast properties.
    • Group = 'Inslagsfällning' or 'Rumsfällning'

ton = tonnage*(0.4+gråbergpåslag/100)-tonnage*malmförlust/100

    • Other group

ton = tonnage*(1+gråbergpåslag/100)-tonnage*malmförlust/100

V3.0.13 2014-08-20 Swe

  • Fixed empty destination feature in report activity.

V3.0.12 2014-08-18 Swe/Tara

  • Fixed automatic adjustment of delay length
    • Activities width (Machine not available=Yes) will not adjust delays
    • Delay length was calculated incorrect if delay start wasn’t equal to activity end.
  • Fixed work order so text prints on multiple rows if it is to long.
  • Fixed crash caused by the push feature during refresh/reload of plan.
  • Fixed mouse wheel in toolbar.
  • Change log also in English.

V3.0.11 2014-06-04 Swe

  • You can check the "Always use this" in the dialog boxes that ask questions. Then the program will not show the dialog slightly more and always answer it was pressed.
    • Under Tools / Manage / Standard Options, you can set what will be answered automatically
  • Pause heading
    • You can pause / restart a heading. This starts / ends activity paused at the end.
  • Move the heading to rehab / View heading during rehab
    • You can have a tab that displays panels that need rehab or have active rehab.
  • TOC new button to save shift plan
  • Location Types
    • You can specify the type of destination in destinations
    • Edit destination types in Tools / Manage / Destination Types
  • Rereading improved
  • Work equipment choices grouped by machine type
  • Disturbances can have two finishes for a time machine back up and running and one for when the end comes up again.
    • Under Tools / Manage / Settings can be set to interference must be corrected to the next activity automatically when prolonged disturbance times until you start the next activity on the machine / heading.
  • You can specify whether the new activities will be added as extra activities or not. Setup found under Tools / Manage / Settings.

V3.0.7-9 2014-05 Tara

  • Tara changes

V3.0.6 2014-04-07

  • Added the new calculation type for TOC
    • Previous activity to bottleneck activity
  • Quit draw the arrows where the buffer count
  • Corrected refresh feature so that it doesn’t crash

V3.0.5 2014-04-07

  • TOC Renstrom.
  • Changed calculation of bottleneck
  • You can save bottleneck plan ointments not started.
    • Select an ointment and press "Save TOC plan" to save on plane for an ointment
    • Select a heading and press "Save TOC plan" to save on plane for all ointments on a heading
    • During tool is a button to save the TOC for all planned ointments.
  • Crash when highlighting activity rectified. Happened after you removed an activity.
  • Settings for the bottleneck is under tools / manage / handle bottleneck. Where you set the colors and the bottleneck activity to be monitored.

V3.0.4 2014-03-27

  • Facelift tara corrections.

V3.0.3 2014-03-19

  • Fixed pushed so that shotcreting -> cleaning not become a problem.
  • Bottleneck improved so that it is possible to see the indicator on the end
  • Enclosed tabs can be set.
    • If you change active upper flap so you can automatically get a different active at lower and vice versa. Settings / linked tabs.
  • Tara version with facelift.

V3.0.2 2014-02-28

  • Check boxes on the time chart rectified.

V3.0.1 2014-02-27

  • Move completed activity rectified.
  • View this message corrected
  • Set resource rectified
  • Step status available in the menus
  • Nudging rectified
  • Move message when reporting rectified
  • Cancel the way status rectified.
  • Timing diagrams in settings fixed.

V3.0 Beta2 2014-02-14

  • Be able to state whether the times are estimated with a check box
  • Quick Tools menu beside activities
  • Functions of the bottleneck
  • Corrections in the menu so that it hopefully does not crash

V3.0 Beta 2014-01-16

  • New database manager
    • BDE needed no more
  • New toolbar
  • New color management
    • Color activities is controlled by the base type.

Do they have the same base type to get all the same color.

  • Communication program is installed in the same folder as GanttScheduler.
  • Crystal Report Viewer installed in the same folder as GanttScheduler.

V1.48 2013-10-21

  • Change salvtempo done on all selected ointments. Although they are at different ends.
  • You can set a minimum time for change salvtempo so salvobjekten becomes longer.

V1.47 2013-09-30

  • Change name of some buttons in message handling so that it becomes easier to understand. (Deleted instead of signed).

V1.46 2013-09-24

  • You can load activities on a volley by right clicking on it and selecting read activities.
  • Corrected bug that made that one had to specify values when it reported a break
  • Corrected bug that caused interference in the cause was saved if you used the cancel for the right click of the activity.
  • When reports so the program will now update the previous delaktivitets interruptions so that they go from the event's end to the next activity starts. If noise is a part of the previous activity so they do not change.

V1.45 2013-09-01

  • Faults reported by first selecting the group then cause. One can choose the cause directly if you want to do that before.
  • There is a function that checks for updates of the program. Upgrades are added to the database (not ready yet).

V1.44 2013-07-01

  • You can enter tons in the reporting format for loading. This requires specifying a formula for calculating the tone based on load and quality.
  • Transport of materials can be tracked from origin to destination final destination, a mixed content calculated if you load from several volleys into the same heap. Data stored in tables GSDestinationBatch and GSDestinationBatchContent.
  • You must now use the publish plan when making new plans. This is so that all mines using the software on the same so that the same reports to work at all mines.
  • Messages can instantly remove the ganttscheduler by right-clicking on the yellow line under the heading and select "Sign and delete message".
  • You can set a custom color at an end.
  • You can assign automatically based on activity cycle blast properties. It makes formulas in this edit / activity types and resources. Under the tab activity cycles so you put up lines for automatic assignment of activity cycles. Then you can choose to assign automatically when you right-click an ointment.
  • You can set heading type on a heading. Right-click on the heading and select change heading type. The field that is modified is FACETYPE. Kristineberg and Garpenberg use it to specify the shift team to handle end.
  • Large-scale mining. Activities can have tone, volume and drilling. They are allocated based on a formula of the type of activity or activity cycle. If it reports a part of a task, the new part is created with time remaining for the large-scale operation. A length formula requires that returns the remaining time left in the day.
  • Destinations can be named when they are editing their balance.
  • You can move the current / reporting activities. You get a question that you need to confirm that it will be moved.
  • Plan to compare can be loaded directly when starting the program.
  • You can add the username of the running on a shared computer. New messages are tied to the name chosen at startup.
  • End caps are removed from Minemap removed from GanttScheduler plan when you press the "+" button to add new panels. End caps are started and has reported activities are not removed from the plan, these can unfortunately make it impossible to add a new heading named exactly the same as the removed.
  • You will be asked if you want to start a salve on startup / reports the first activity.
  • You can update all salvegenskaper in the plan at the start of the program. However, it may take quite some time if the plan is great.
  • Information on the work order improved.
    • The first charge can take data from the first drilling and others can take information from others. Garpenberg use it to print on stope width and breadth of the district ointment.
    • Blast properties going to post.
    • The event's properties can be put.
  • The program can only start once a plan. If you try to read the plan again get an error.
  • When to report an activity that has messages, you can move messages from the next subtask, ointment or end.
  • There is a setting for activities to be added to the reported automatically when you open the report window.
  • There is a setting for activities to be pushed to now when you start them.
  • It gets fatter lines on the printout of gantt views.

V1.43 2013-02-21

  • A dotted line appears again between the activities started and the next activity on the work order.

V1.42 2013-02-08

  • Reporting of time after the reinforcement member on activities.

V1.41 2013-02-06

  • Corrected work so that it shows activity messages correctly.
  • Corrected work order to show the previous activities is reported values accurately.

V1.40 2013-01-29

  • Work
    • If you ticked "show times in the report" appears all time.
    • Date when message was created is displayed.
    • If you have more than 5 heading and resource messages so they appear with less text.
  • Issue
    • The "Only export to Bolis" is available as choices when publishing plan. You choose the publishing method when you publish.
    • A new restriction has been added so that it is only the last published plan of each type that can be replaced.
  • Swedish chosen as language if not selected language sometime. Before, it was a mix of Swedish and English in the program.

V1.39 2013-01-22

  • View the report is set up on the machines. Some reports including Resource utilization and Fault Reports uses the setting to not show all the machines.
  • Activity toolbar takes more height instead of one will dart left and right as not all activity buttons fit.
  • Corrected function to read and display the values reported in the table. It loads data in tab reported.
  • If contact with the database is broken then a reconnect dialog is displayed. Before, you had to restart the program.

V1.38 2013-01-07

  • Corrected a bug (GSSESSIONLOG_UK1).
  • The setting for autosave cannot be change now. It is always turned on.

V1.37 2013-01-02

  • Corrected error in publishing. Replaces the field after an issue as before.

V1.36 2012-12-17

  • Researching GanttScheduler.
    • Press Ctrl + F to search a ganttvy or table. Enter a search term.
    • The first meeting is highlighted then you can click next or previous to search further.
    • The "A" marks all the hits.
  • You can set which activities must be present during the shift to a machine's work is printed.
    • Edit activity types and resources. Under activities, change the shift activity to "Yes" to the desired activities.
    • Default is they who are now part of a activity cycle.
  • You can save a sort of end caps so that you can restore it if it changes or if you want to have several different sorts.
  • Select "Change the order of panels ..." from the menu that appears when you right click on a heading.
  • Edit the order by selecting and dragging the ends with the left mouse button or press the "up arrow", "down arrow".
  • Press Save and enter a name for the sort that you defined.
    • Select the saved sorting and press OK to use the sorting.
  • Publish draft.
    • You can select a plan that draft when you publish. With the draft so meant that the plan is not clear and you want to print it as a basis for discussion.
  • Start time and end time will be more accurate in the long-term plan when you change the status of ointments in the Operation Plan. Both the automatic change and update salvegenskaper is corrected.
  • Corrected bug to pull loose a tab and put it in a separate window.

V1.35 2012-11-29

  • When you change the status of the activities / ointments you get a question that also put the status of the ointment / end as it should have.
    • If all of the ointment / headboard is finished so the question of changing the ointment / end to end
    • If any of the ointment / heading is active or completed, then the question of changing the ointment / heading to active.
  • You can see who is working in the program via the menu Edit / View active sessions.
    • When you start the program and have someone plan open in edit mode, a warning is displayed and you can start it in read only or edit simultaneously.
  • Double bookings are displayed on a toolbar button. If you press the button to select the program, the latter of the two activities that are overlapping.

V1.34 2012-11-20

  • Corrected an error in the work order, the data was taken from the wrong activity on multiple activities of the same type were on the same ointment.

V1.33 2012-11-15

  • Adjustable what is shown on the work order
    • Set it under Edit / Manage Activity Types and Resources, during each activity, you can write data lines and fill in the properties by right-clicking.
  • Start, end, and status, not on the work order.
  • Active tab will have a clearer color.
  • Schedule is shown on the time axis. You can turn on and off via the menu View / Timeline / Show schedule on the time axis.

V1.32 2012-10-11

  • Shift Schedule is put on by the creation of additional activities.
  • You can extend the active ointment when all activities reported.

V1.31 2012-09-25

  • Fixed crash at end properties.
  • When you double-click a task to open different forms depending on the type of aircraft
    • type of aircraft bleed opens reporting
    • Other types of aircraft opens activity properties
  • Filtration improved
    • There are two new columns called StartTime and Endtime contains the time regardless of whether they are times of an ointment or activity. That way you can filter out that which should only be done for years.
    • You can put a group of filtering. If any of the group matches the filter so everything in the group to become visible. Use FACEMININGOB JECTID as a group to all the data on the heading will be missing. Ie all ointments + all end activities will appear.

V1.30 2012-09-17

  • Corrected a bug that caused the ends were not visible even though they put them into perspective.

V1.29 2012-08-29

  • Corrected calculation of links between ointments
  • Rework (extra curricular activities) and reinforcement (Kriberg) displayed in report form.
  • Quality is at all rounds when creating ointments. (Kankberg)
  • You can move active ointments about the lack of activities.

V1.28 2012-08-17

  • Links between ointments
    • Use the link tool and draw a link from an ointment that must be broken before the ointment to be mined for. You just create links between different panels.
    • You can create links by highlighting two volleys and then right-click and select Create Link.
  • Hold down Ctrl and click on ointments to select multiple.
  • Move after ointments by calculating the plan with the button that looks like a calculator.
    • Remove a link by right clicking on it and choose delete.
  • Calculation of the length of such Fill activities
    • Create a length formula in handle length according to formulas

Conditions: [ACTIVITY] = Sand Fill

  • Duration Formula: [ACTIVITY Tonnage] / 500
    • Edit fill activities tonnage of properties for this task when the length to be calculated.
  • Locking the activities from being moved by shoving etc.
    • Right-click the task and select "Lock the Move"
  • Other bug fixes

V1.27 2012-05-09

  • Fixed a bug that caused ointments / activities could not move.
  • Created a tool to adjust round start and round end according to play.
  • Selection of machine group prevents now pulling the wrong combination of activity and machine.
  • Verification that the umlaut works against the database when it st