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To access the stored measurements, you must have a MoistPal user account. Once an account is created, an activation link along with username and password will be sent to the user's email address.

If you are the only user of the computer you use, you can click in the box Remember me.

If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot your password? You then fill in your email address and a new password will be sent to you. Recovery can only be made to the email address registered to your account.

After login, you can change your password. This is done underSettings/My account.

Measurement series - overview

Normally measurements conducted in the last 30 days are displayed, but it can be changed by selecting a different date range. You can also limit the number of hits by choosing, for example, wood type.

If you click in the box hidden measurement series deleted measurement series are also shown. These are shown as strikeout text.

The shown results can be copied to the clipboard, export to CSV, Excel, or PDF and print.

Click on a line for a series of measurements to see detailed information.

Matserie oversikt.jpg

Measurement series - details

On the detail page all the details of the selected measurement series are shown. You can among other things see the time of measurement, the wood type, the meter used, who did the measurement, the temperature at the time of measurement, number of readings, average value, standard deviation, etc.
A graph and a list showing all records for the selected measurement series.
If no value should be removed from the measurement, place the mouse pointer over the measurement, and click the delete icon. The measured value is grayed and the text crossed out. Do you want to activate a measurement again, do the same way in an inactive value. Measured values can be already deleted / disabled in the app before they are synchronized to the web, they appear as greyed out (disabled) readings automatically. Inactivated values are not included in other measurement tasks at hand. If a reading is too far from the standard deviation will be highlighted in red.

Matserie detaljsida.jpg

To delete an entire serie of measurements, click on Hide measurement serie . The text "this measurement serie is hidden", then shows over the button. It will not appear in the overview if you have not chosen to show hidden measurements series.
The series can be activated again by clicking Show measurement series .


Measurement report

From the Measurement series - details page is also a link where you can login and print out a measurement report.
The report is located on a report server and to log in using the username and password displayed on the website.


Settings/My account

Under Settings / My Account information about your account will be shown. Here you can see which meters you have access to and which other users exists within your organization.
You can also change your password.
Click on the notepad at a meter to edit measurement compensation.

Mina installningar.jpg

Measurement compensation

It is possible to per meter and organization manually set measurement compensation at specified temperatures.
It is the actual value to be given for each temperature and moisture content.



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